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Welcome to Gili Trawangan as a Cool Backpacker!

Picture three minuscule desert islands, fringed by white-sand beaches and coconut palms, sitting in a turquoise sea: the Gilis are a vision of paradise.

These islets have exploded in popularity, and are booming like nowhere else in Indonesia – speedboats zip visitors direct from Bali and hip new hotels are massing.

It's not hard to understand the Gilis' unique appeal, for a serenity endures (no motorbikes or dogs!) and a palm-shaded languor. Still, despite a growing green conscience, all three islands are seeing a lot of development and, in peak season, can feel mobbed.

Each island has its own special character. Gili Trawangan (universally known as Gili T) is by far the most cosmopolitan; its bar and party scene is vibrant, its accommodation and restaurants are close to definitive tropical chic. Gili Air has the strongest local character, but also a perfect mix of buzz and bliss. Gili Meno is flirting with shoreline gentrification.

Hostels in Gili

You: will find a lot of hostels on Gili Trawangan. Some better and cooler then others.
We have decided to go with the most popular hostels. We feel that this is the best way to point you in the right direction.
You can now browse for the hostel that suits you the most.

Scuba Diving in Gili

Are you a diver or do you plan on becoming one?
Here is your opportunity spice or change your life. If you don’t already know then we can tell you that the Gili islands are famous for its diving.

Things to do in Gili

The Gili Islands are primarily known for 3 things; party, diving and snorkelling.
But there are much more things you can do here and probably many visitors don’t even know about them.
Here is a list of things that will keep you occupied whiles you are here.

Book boat to Gili

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Enjoy your trip!