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Scuba Diving

Are you a diver or do you plan on becoming one?

Here is your opportunity to spice or change your life. If you don’t already know how we can tell you that the Gili islands are famous for its diving into the underwater world.

There are 20+ dive sites around the three islands for you to explore. Here is something for everyone. Change your way of life and try something new. Also, if you enjoy livining the island life as a diving for a while then you might be interested in the Diveamaster program that will keep you here for around 8 weeks +.

Contact us for any dive requests. We can also arrange long time accommodation for you.

For best pricse and deals on your diving and accommodation book here with us online!

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Is diving for you?
Pool training & 1 dive
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Start your adventure!
3 Days/4 Dives
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Continue diving...
3 Days/5 Dives
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Deep is Fun!
2 Days/4 Dives
Is this for you? ...
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Be able to help...
4 Days/4 Dives
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CPR and First Aid Course
2 Days/4 Dives
Primary & Secondary Care ...
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Divemaster Internship
4-6 week course
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Fun Dive around Gili Islands
up to 15% Discount
Lets buddy up! ...
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