Bintang Beer

Bintang Beer

Price from: 25.000 IDR/small 45.000 IDR/large

The most famous beer in Indonesia!

Once a Bintang, always Bintang! You might or might not know that Indonesia only produce one kind of beer, beer Bintang. You an of course buy different kind of import brands but after trying a Bintang you will for sure not go back…


The beer is styled as a pale lager, gold in color with an ideal serving temperature of 7 °C. The 5% ABV Pilsner has a malt and hop flavor.

Due to the fact that it is a localized version of Heineken, its taste is similar and comparable to Heineken.

The Bintang bottle is reminiscent of a Heineken bottle, the red star on the bottle is the same as Heineken.


Everything served on the island has at some point been brought to the island by boat and then delivered by the “transport” ladies.

Even so the prices for a beer is the same as it is on the “mainland” such as Bali. All bottles does go back to recycling in Lombok.

As well as the original Bintang you can also find that they make a malt based beverage called Bintang Zero 0.0%, a low alcohol Radler called  Bintang Radler (in both lemon and grapefruit flavours) 2.0%, a soft drink product called Green Sands.

Sit back and ENjoy!