Cooking class

Cooking class
3 hrs
Price from: 330.000 IDR

Learn the magic of the Indonesian cooking!

Immerse yourself in the marvelous world of Indonesian cuisine taking a class at Gili Cooking School.

Our courses are 4-hour long masterclasses taught by Indonesian professionals.

These classes are perfectly designed for all; from beginners to advanced , from the younger to the elder… you will enjoy your time with us for sure.


During the course you will interact with your colleagues in a distended atmosphere.

You’ll get a practical insight on how to prepare each of the dishes, and last but not least, you will enjoy in our private dining room the food you have prepared!


Emphasizing the local, the fresh and the seasonal you will learn plenty of techniques, dishes and basic principles of the Indonesian cuisine so you will be able to re-do everything once you go back home.

The course includes loads of learning, fun times and obviously your own cooked meal; either lunch or dinner.

We are glad to inform you that we do have special prices for groups.

Have fun and eat good!