How to get to Gili

How to get to Gili
~1.5-8 HRS
Price from: 40.000 IDR – 450.000++ IDR

The choise is yours!

 There are different ways of getting to the Gili islands from both Bali and Lombok.

Here are all the avaliable options, suiting different budgets and time frames.

Now the choice is yours.



Fast boat to Gili
Getting to Gili’s from Bali is simple. The best way is to have your fast boat booking done online before you come to Bali. For best prices have a look at and book with them direct. They also include a shuttle bus to pick you up from your hotel and takes you to Padang Bai harbour where the boat departs either in the morning or early afternoon. The trip across takes about 2hrs. Price from 350.000 IDR one way.

You can also buy your ticket from a travel agent in Bali but do expect to pay more for that.


Public slow ferry
The public ferry from Padang Bai to Lombok departs every hour on the hour, but it’s painfully slow. The upside of the 5-hour crossing: it only costs only 140.000 IDR per person. Perfect for the traveller who has more time than money.

Then it’s another slow public ferry from Lombok to the Gilis and waiting in between, so the total trip will take over 8 hours. If it’s worth the hassle to you, then go for it.


Private air charters to the Gili islands
Getting to the Gili islands in a private helicopter charter isn’t just a way to arrive in style, it also gives you a chance to see Bali and the Gilis from above and snap a few award winning aerial photos of the islands.

Air Bali operates private helicopter charters between Bali and Gili Trawangan, which they’ve aptly named the Gilicopter – which flies on Fridays and Sundays only. The 45-minute flight takes up to 5 people depending on weight. Find out more about Air Bali’s helicopter charters to Gili Trawangan. Enquire for price.



Commuting between Lombok and the Gili’s can be easy or difficult depending on a few important steps that most tourists don’t know.
First you need to choose between a slow public ferry, a public speed boat or a private speed boat.

You can ride a boat across from Mentigi bay or Bangsal Harbour, Lombok to Gili Islands. The harbour is really packed with tourists so take care of your belongings. Also, when the locals tells you that you have to buy return ticket, sunblock and mosquito spray then just ignore that.

There are your options to go to Gili Trawangan from Bangsal harbor or Mentigi bay:

Public Slow Boat 
This boat costs 15.000 -25.000 IDR/person. It will need the boat to fill up first before it’s able to depart to Gili Trawangan.

Length of ride is around 45 minutes. The downside of this boat is that if the waves are currently big, you can feel more shaky, so be careful if you are easily seasick.

But of course this is the most budget-friendly option there is.

Public Fast Boat
This is the faster way to get across because it will only took around 15 minutes to get there. The cost of the trip is around 85.000 IDR/person.

The boat is scheduled to depart every 1 hour but will not leave until the boat has at least 4-6 guests on board.


Private speed boat
A private boat is the more expensive if you travel on your own but can work out cheaper if you are a few people sharing the cost.

The private speed boat will pick you up in Mentigi bay and after 7-10 min drop you on Gili Trawangan just outside of Gili Divers if nothing else has been arranged. A private speed boat will cost around 350.000-400.000 IDR

If you need help organising a private speed boat just contact [email protected] or visit

Have fun and be safe!



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