Money, ATM & Banks

Money, ATM & Banks

Many questions about this… You have come to a small island in Indonesia but you be surprised…

It is mainly Gili Trawangan that has developed this convenience for us all.

Before you would have had to take a boat and a taxi in to Mataram in Lombok to withdraw money.

It is simple these days!

The local currency is Indonesian Rupia (IDR). Money exchange offered by money changers dotted around.

Credit cards are accepted by some of the more upmarket places and all dive shops, but there will usually be a 3.5-4% charge.

Some will also arrange credit card cash advances, but with hefty fees in the order of 7-10%. There are also the one dive center that does Swish if you have a Swedish bank. Keep an eye out for the Swish sign.

There are now 15+ ATM’s on Gili Trawangan, there’s 2 ATMs on Gili Air (for VISA and Mastercard), but none so far on Gili Meno.

You can withraw between 1.500.000 IDR and 3.000.000 IDR at the same time depending on what ATM machine you use.

The machines are known to work good except for when it is a power cut on the island. Don’t worry tho, it never last for lone.

There is now one bank on Gili Trawangan. Bank Mandiri, located down by the pier at the entrence of Trawangan resort. It is open Monday-Friday between 09.00 and 16.00.

If you wish to use TT or then the closest office for that will be in Lombok.


Have fun and be safe!