Spa day & Massage

Spa day & Massage
1 hr
Price from: 100.000 IDR

Have a SPA day, this you deserve!

There are now a few SPA and massage places on Gili Trawangan.

Most of them does only massages but others offer both pedicure, medicare.

There are also wraps, facials, body peeling, hair braiding, hair cuts, highlights.

Pretty nails!

This is what we are all after at some point.

Sit and relax whiles professional spa therapists make your nail beautiful!

Hungry eyes!

Something else that is new and also very popular in Gili Trawangan is eyelash extensions.

You can choose what grade you want. Lay back in an air-con saloon and let your eyelashes grow!


Massage all day long!

There are several of options of different massages that you can get. Everything from face to food massages.

You can go for the full body massage or focus on maybe a back massage.

Time for a hair day!

You will find the hairdressers in the artmarket behind Le Petit Gili. It is a good idea to make an appointment.

They use products that you recognize and each haircut seems to come with a hair wash and a shoulder massage.

Lets get beautiful!