Sup Boarding

SUP Boarding
<1 hr
Price: 100.000 IDR/hr

Stand up for a good view of the ocean floor in the shallow water!

Stand Up Paddle boarding is the new thing to do here on Gili.

Nearly every body of water, worldwide, has become a playground for standup paddlers. Here on Gili Trawangan it has become big as well.

Fueled only by the paddler, standup paddling offers an incredible cardio workout and helps relieve stress. The most often mentioned health benefit of this sport is the improvement to one’s core.

With an easy learning curve, SUP is an excellent choice for improving your overall fitness, no matter what shape you’re in now.

Enjoy the view as you forget that you are getting the best workout ever! Look down, below the surface, and you’ll see an amazing close-up view of underwater life. Look out, toward the horizon, and you’ll feel like an explorer of new lands, seeing things you could never view from land.

With knowledge of conditions and respect for local laws and precautions, SUP is a safe activity for people of all ages, sizes and athletic ability.

Many Olympians and professional athletes have jumped on board for a complete cross training workout that’s second to none.

SUP is something everyone will enjoy. You can rent your SUP on the beach in front of Gili Divers.




Gear up and stand up!