Visit Bird Pard

Visit Bird Pard
~2 HRS
Price from: 50.000 IDR

Check out the birds!

The Gili Meno Bird Park is one of the main attractions on Gili Meno. The bird park houses an aviary that is home to a collection of exotic birds,


Known locally as ‘Taman Burung Gili Meno’, The Gili Meno Bird Park guide offers a simple but fascinating tour for all ages.

One should not expect to see a zoo or a sanctuary on the scale of the Bali Bird Park, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in uniqueness, considering the barren nature of Gili Meno and its limited land bound sightseeing options.


With a ticket price of only IDR 50.000 IDR, the bird park offers an inexpensive tour through a well-planned garden of winding paths and lush greenery.

Among the impressive birds, you’ll see are eclectus parrots, fire-tufted barbets, parakeets, peacocks, ospreys and eagles, mute swans, wild pheasants, Nicobar pigeons, wild turkeys, rainbow lorikeets, and many more.


The combination of different settings – including ponds and pens with leafy gardens – make for a pleasurable walk and informative posters on each stop let you know more about the species.

At the beginning of your park tour, you will be greeted by a pair of perching scarlet macaws that roam free in the gardens.

The birds are the private collection of New Zealand bird enthusiast Percy Burlace, who has developed the park since 1999. Much of the story behind the establishment of the Gili Meno Bird Park is presented through clippings and posters in the information center at the entrance.

Information on the birds kept here is provided through wall charts and diagrams. You’ll find some quirky misplaced objects here too, such as a whale jawbone that was washed up on Meno the time the resort opened.

Have fun and be safe!