Warnings & Dangers

Warnings & Dangers

Things to be aware of


Although Lombok Island in Indonesia is known for its beautiful tourist attractions, please be aware of a few warnings and dangers. There are people committing crimes here as well as the rest of the world. It is not a lot of crime but it does happen. Also some things that is handy to know…


Dangerous Alcohol

Beware of the alcohol in Indonesia! Several people have died in the last years from methanol-poisoning! DO NOT buy ANY HOME MADE alcohole.

It has happen that good alcohol has been mixed or diluted with methanol. It is extremely DANGEROUS! BEWARE! Most deaths have been in Bali but also in Lombok and Gili Island.

Petty Crime

Click to enlargeGili Trawangan, the paradise escape just off the coast of Lombok, plays host to many island travellers searching for own taste of paradise!

Although most of the time the backpacker-code keeps life fun and carefree, some tourists just don’t know how to behave. In this article, we find out about this man’s ULTIMATE walk of shame, delivered in true Indonesian style.

Now, the majority of holiday-goers on Gili T go for turquoise waters, white sand beaches, awesome parties and the ease of magic mushroom indulgence.

This guy was cought by one of many CCTV’s on Gili Trawangan. His nationality does not need to meantiond but as you can see, he is a tourist. He stayed in a hotel connected with a dive center here. He was cought steeling one of the local dive instructors mobile phone. The phone was gone and the owner of the dive center checked their CCV and ups… There was the proof!

It was then reported it to some local authorities (no police force on Gili!). The phone was returned and another tourist caught on tape!

Out of this came an effective punishment for thieves “Diarak Keliling Kampung”, or Paraded Around the Village, so that everyone may know your dirty deeds – the ultimate embarrassment.

So this foreign criminal was treated the same way any local thief would’ve been. He was sentenced to ‘Diarak Keliling Pulau’ and was paraded around the island with a sign around his neck, the ultimate walk of shame!!!


Ocean current

Please be warned that there are very strong currents flowing between the islands and underestimating their power can be and have been fatal.

The relatively short distance between the islands can make it tempting to try to swim across the channels.

This disillusioning swim has led to several drowning over the years and locals will warn you of the inherent dangers of any attempt to swim between the islands.



Bangsal Harbor

Be aware of the porters that will hussle when you arrive. This place is not dangerus it is just very unplessent.

These people almost attack you and force carry your bags. They dump your bag on the boat and then demands money.

Our suggestion is; hold on to your bag and take no shit.


Drugs available…

When in Gili Trawangan, people seem to be offering all sorts of drugs in public. Sometimes it has happend that guests has been asked by a waiter who takes our order at a restaurant if we wanted some magic mushrooms.

This is mainly due to no police on the island.

Still, remember this is still Indonesia and there are very strict laws against drugs.



Have fun and be safe!